I have several friends who refer to themselves as “beer snobs”. While I don’t like the aftertaste of that moniker, I do prefer beers with a full taste which unfortunately happen to be more expensive. I don’t know how it happened. I wish I preferred a less costly light beer, but it just isn’t the case. My wife and I are moderate yet consistent drinkers, but cost had not been an issue until we dropped to one income about a year ago when the baby was born.

So, the search for a good beer priced under $7 a six pack began. Here are some beers we commonly drank along with their local prices:

Anchor Steam $9.99 I only drank it once due to the price.
McEwan’s India Pale Ale $9.99
Newcastle $8.99
Corona $7.99
Goose Island India Pale Ale $7.79
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $7.79
BBC Altbier $7.49
BBC American Pale Ale $7.49
BBC = Bluegrass Brewing Company
Widmer Brother’s Hefeweisen $7.99
Red Hook - ESB $7.49
Samuel Adams – Boston Lager $7.49

My favorite by far is the McEwan’s IPA, which of course is the most expensive. My wife’s favorite is Goose Island IPA which I think has a little to much of a citrus finish. Her brother Chris introduced us to Red Hook ESB (early spring beer) which we enjoy, but can only get below $7 when it is on sale.

So, while browsing in Kroger’s beer aisle about a month ago I came across Tap Room 21 – Moe’s Pale Ale. Six-pack price $6.49. I take it home and…Eureka! A beer we both enjoy for under $7. I went back to get another that weekend and they were actually sold out of the Pale Ale. It’s not a great beer, but it is a really great value. I haven’t been able to find much info on the brewer. If you try it leave a review in the comment of this post.

Here is a site that describes the different categories of beer.


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