Tattle Tail

I am feeling somewhat conflicted. Yesterday while walking through the parking garage on my return from lunch, I noticed a thuggish looking fellow urinating next to his car. To some of you this may not seem shocking, but the building/ garage where I work are relatively new, monitored completely by surveillance cameras, and not open to the public. This kind of thing just doesn't happen. I had noticed the same guy sitting in his car playing loud R&B music as I left for lunch an hour earlier, and assumed he wasn't a state empoyee. As I walked by the security desk I mentioned the incident to the officer. He immediately grabbed his radio, and headed across the lobby to take some kind of action.

Here is where I start to regret my actions. The first rule I learned as a child on the playground is "Do Not Tattle." Tattling is an admission that you can't handle the situation yourself, or are seeking attention by ratting some one out. Both things cool guys just don't do. I mean, the guy wasn't hurting anyone. He was just sitting in his car enjoying some music, and he had to pee. It would have been at least a half mile walk to the nearest public restrrom, and with the heat the urine would dry up in no time. Also, I'm actually in favor loosening our standards on outdoor urination. I was a little concerned the guy might be up to some other sort of ill stuff, but I'm not sure that warranted ratting on him.

Tough call indeed. WWYD?

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