As it Turns Out...

(Fictional Snippet)

While driving home from work on a particularly stressful Thursday, my heart began to flip-flop erratically in my chest. Of course I’m thinking heart attack, and a slight dizziness overwhelms me as I cut across traffic to make a left turn en route to the nearest hospital.

It was my future that began to flash before my eyes, and all that I would never experience or accomplish. The thoughts of a legacy that would never exist began bouncing around my brain almost to the point of distracting me from the symptoms that brought the thoughts into existence.

I came back to reality as the emergency room physicians were questioning me about possible causes for the arrhythmia. I explained that I had no significant history of heart disease in my family, but that I was experiencing a high level of stress in my workplace. I also told the doctor I thought there was a chance it could have been caused by my recent inhalation of fumes from the combustion of paint and aluminum which I was exposed to while smoking crack from a Coke can. What do you know…As it turns out it was the crack.

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