A Quick Story About Gran

My Grandad recently passed away in his sleep at the age of 88 from the side effects of chemotherapy.  My Gran (pictured with my brother and I) has dementia, and had to be moved to an assited living environment.  She has always seemed to be a proper grandmother.  Kind, gentle, mannerly, & frail.

One day last week at 1:30 am she decided she must go to the market.  Her dementia was severe enough that she couldn't see how bad an idea this might be, but not severe enough for her to forget that the attendents would not let here leave.  Sologically, she decided to climb out her window.  Although it was just over a 10 foot drop, she came through with flying colors.  Despite her subtrefuge, the nurse realized that she had left the room, and came out to steer her back inside.  A struggle ensued, and ended with the nurse being thrown down the hill.  My mom spoke to the flustered nurse on the phone, and she was supposedly covered in mud from head to toe.  Eventually law enforcement and emergency services were called, and Gran was taken to the hospital for liability reasons.  

As far as I know Gran will be allowed to stay, and no charges were filed.  When my aunt commented on the bandages covering the bruises on Gran's wrist, she simply said that she had gotten into a fight.  They asked her who won, and Gran replied, "Well, as far as I'm concerned I did."  I'm not one to use this phrase often, but I can't help but say..."YOU GO GIRL!"

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