Nolens Volens

I get a "Word of the Day" email from, and I couldn't resist sharing this one with my dedicated readers. It sounds really cool, but I haven't had a chance to work it into a conversation yet.

nolens volens \NO-lenz-VO-lenz\:
Whether unwilling or willing.

Nolens volens is from the Latin, from nolle, "to be unwilling" + velle, "to wish, to be willing."

Beneath the surface, little-noticed but fundamental changes are taking place that must compel both sides, nolens volens, sooner or later to reconfigure their tortured but inseparable relationship.-- Bernard Wasserstein, Israelis and Palestinians

Events have put NATO in a position where it is the policeman of Europe and beyond, nolens volens.-- "NATO then Nato now", Daily Telegraph, April 23, 1999

After all, I'm not sure that I'm so angry with them, for it means that now you've got to remain here indefinitely -- nolens volens.-- Mina McDonald, "True Stories Of The Great War: Some Experiences In Hungary", History of the World, January 1, 1992

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