Political Ideal - Part 2

Part 2

There are two ways to motivate people; affectionately known as the carrot and the stick. The carrot is the reward that comes from a positive behavior, in the previous example it would be sufficient means in the latter years of life. The stick is the consequence from a negative behavior, in our case a lack of means after one is unable or unwilling to continue to work.
Unfortunately, when motivating a population both the carrot and the stick are needed. Some will chase the carrot with great vigor, and others will only be motivated by a whack or three from the stick. In the case of retirement planning, once the carrot or the stick is dealt out the time for planning is long past. Motivation at this point provides little benefit since planning for retirement is a long process. The secret is to derive motivation the anticipation of the consequences. The most effective way to create that anticipation is to be confronted with the successes and failures of others, and learn from others experience with the carrot or the stick. It is almost always less painful to learn from the mistakes of others, but unfortunately it is more effective to learn a lesson from personal experience.

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