Political Ideal - Part 1

Part 1

“Anything the government does for its citizen that they should do for themselves makes us a weaker nation.” -Brandon Ross-

The strength of a nation is determined, in part, by the strength of its citizens. People who are more disciplined, intelligent, creative, moral, and emotionally mature make better decisions than those who have these characteristics in a lesser degree. These traits are cultivated by life’s opportunities, tasks, and challenges. It follows, if the government performed tasks that should develop better characteristics in its citizens then people will be worse for the government having performed those tasks.

For example, when a person plans for retirement and enacts those plans, it develops their discipline, creativity, intelligence, etc. If the government usurps the process with some type of program that forces individuals to set aside part of their income to be paid back at some point in the future, it decreases the number of people planning for retirement, and retards the development of the desirable characteristics.

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