Day Dream Strikes Back

I was watching Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back for at least the 100th time a few nights ago, and I began considering which character I would most resemble if I were inserted in the plot line. Always having an affinity for the Force, I never much identified with Han (or Chewie for that matter.) Pre-Jedi Luke was quite the wiener and way too goofy. Vader and the Emperor just wanted power, and I understand that. I'm not sure where their desire came from, but at least the Emperor seemed to enjoy himself while conducting his evil deeds. Vader was just his dismal toady.

The hard fact of life is that I’m just a guy sitting in front of a monitor somewhere on a battleship, and not even one of those guys in the main room that get too look at the big screen to see all the action. I’m looking over efficiency estimates for converting hyper-drives versus replacing hyper-drives on aging mid-range fighters.

The sad thing is I don’t even know who I would trade places with given the opportunity. Maybe Lando. He always seemed to rise to the top, and find himself in a variety of interesting positions, and he got to wear a cape. I think that is a nice look.

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