Book Addiction

If only I had read half of the books in my “study”…but such is the regret of a man addicted to buying books. I’m sure there are worse addictions, and at least I can claim some kind of self-improvement if I eventually read them. However, neither of these things is any comfort to my wife or to our budget.

Online booksellers have made my addiction much more affordable, but they don’t replace the ecstasy of wandering through a bookstore. Now, in the bookstores I shop with pen and paper, and then make my purchases online. It turns out to be a double bonus. Not only do I get to buy it the first time, in my mind, when I write down the title, but I get to anticipate the arrival. It is a great day when I finally come home to tear open a waiting package.

Here are the books I am reading. I’ll only include those I’ve at least opened in the last month:

Bonehunters by Steven Erickson

Slouching Towards Gomorrah by Robert Borke

Choice and Consequences by Thomas C. Schelling

The Bible New King James Version

Nicolae by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins

I've also posted my Amazon Wish List. It's a great way to keep track of books, movies, or music you eventually want to buy.

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