Mr. Know-It-All???

I have been thinking about how overstimulated our society is. I believe it is killing us. So I decide to write a blog which maybe it would be better if no one ever read.

If you are like me, you feel the pressure to know everything about everything: politics, theology, my work, the lives of my family and firends, music, sports, movies, hunting, tv, comic books, economics, literature, technology, food, drinks, games, current events, philosophy, psychology, betting on the horses, cool web sites, slang, raising dogs, automechanics, carpentry, physical fitness, the weather, cartoons, poker, and basically anything somebody might mention to me at anypoint during my day. I just can't stand not being in on it.

The irony is that this pressure to know-it-all makes me less thoughtful. I rarely think critically about anything because I'm trying to absorb a little of everything. It's not just peer pressure moving me in this direction. I really do like a broad range of subjectS. One of my cliche mottoes is, "Variety is the spice of life." I value the concept; I'm just allowing it to push me around.

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Gypsy James said...

You've got (at least) one new reader....

All the best.