The Immigration Thing

Finky:  “…You libertarians think we should just let anyone in.”

Yayo:     “Well, not terrorist or serious criminals, but pretty much everybody else, yeah.”

Finky:    “ and when you do they’ll just take all the jobs and cost the tax payers money by using government services.”

Yayo:     “Productive workers are valuable to an economy as producers and consumers.  We can use all we can get, and I didn’t say we should allow non-citizens to take advantage of government programs though.”

Finky:    “Surely you can’t deny they would overrun the schools and get treatment at hospitals for services they never intend to pay for.”

Yayo:     “Unfortunately, the supreme court ruled that local school districts must educate anyone regardless of their immigration status, but if this isn’t affordable within the realm of their existing budget a small immigration fee would supplement the areas with extremely high percentages of non-citizen students.  As far as the medical services it is quite presumptuous to guess at the intentions of that broad of a group of people.  However, basic affordable health services are available at clinics, and emergency rooms are already absorbing the costs of illegal immigrants that may be able to obtain jobs that offer insurance if they were legally allowed to work in the country.  Your points were both present valid problems with a mass influx of foreign workers, however the decrease in expenses related to enforcement and the border security would partially offset those costs.”

Finky:  “So what is your magic bullet for border security if you just let everyone in?”

Yayo:  “Anyone coming in through an official entry point walks across the border with a biometric  id.  Anyone crossing anywhere else is up to no good and should be shot on site.  I’m sure using helicopter gunships with infrared scanners would be pretty effective.”

Finky:    “That’s hard core.”

Yato:  “I am hard core about protecting Americans from dangerous people crossing our borders illegally.  Why would anyone try to sneak across on the pain of death unless they were up to no good, when they could easily walk though a gate…I’m all for pulling the majority of our military troops back within our borders, and using them to search shipping ports and to patrol the borders.”

Finky:  “so you’re an isolationist too.”

Yayo:     “not totally, but compared to our current role as policemen of the world’s interests (mostly economic interest) yeah, I swing towards more isolationism.  I think the best way we can help the world is to continue to prosper as a free nation.  Unfortunately we are moving away from both freedom and prosperity.”

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